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Why We Love Vampires

Written by Ali on . Posted in Vampire Lifestyle

Sexy vampire in redVampires are monsters. They are immortal killers that can take your life at any moment. We should be scared and repulsed, but we aren’t.

Instead, we are fascinated by these creatures. There are several reasons why we love vampires. The truth is, we find them sexy, powerful and vulnerable, and we can relate to them.

Best Vampire Games

Written by Ali on . Posted in Vampire Games

Do you know any collection of vampire games? In case not, relax. There are hundreds of vampire games for those who have interests in playing horrifying games during their free time.

An example of the vampire games is the Reign of Blood. This immortal game involves an unsuspicious mortal character who eventually becomes the most feared of the Night’s children; a vampire. It is a terrifying vampire game that involves a Dead City which seems deadly to even the non living. In that case, you need to prepare well and ensure you keep your intelligence very high.

5 Best Vampire Movies

Written by Ali on . Posted in Vampire Movies

If, like me, you too are a horror movie fan, especially vampire movies, then you can not miss out on some of the most entertaining vampire movies of all time. There are vampire movies that fall into comedy section while other are gory and blood shot vampire movies. Here are some of the best vampire movies to be watched.

Vampires In The Real World

Written by Ali on . Posted in Art And Entertainment

Vampires In The Real World
Adventurous author fires children’s imagination
Young readers were transported to a world of dense jungles, mysterious tribes and traditional adventures when a children’s author returned to his Norfolk home to talk about his new book.
Real Life Vampire

What’s with the fascination with vampires?

It began with Buffy the Vampire Slayer years ago -as a movie, then a series. Then Twilight came into exsistance and then there’s the Vampire Diaries. Is there something uniquely addictive about this cannibal-like behaviour? It has to be more than just the love story behind the scenes – because everything follows the vampire theme. Especially since vampires do not exist in the real world and it’s not something everyone can relate to. What is attractive about this fad?

Who knows? i hate vampires, I think they are whiny and annoying. It’s all about zombies